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Automotive CNC Machining Precision Components


FRIMA Machining‘s expertise in manufacturing  CNC Machining Precision Components.

And skilled in precision CNC machining of plastic, alloy and metal parts, and knowledge of automotive suspension , has proven to be an advantage of off-road racing enthusiast components. One of our advantages is our full range of internal features, including engineering and inspection. In addition, a wide range of equipment is provided to carry out the production required for the production of CNC machining to provide consistent final products to meet the challenges of off-road automotive aftermarket. FRIMA Machinery offers a wide range of materials from a wide range of suppliers to enable you to process, rotate and mill your precision parts with accurate material to meet your technical requirements.

In the automotive and off-road industries, FRIMA Machinery has manufactured and produced a wide range of components for off-road racing teams, including suspension components, bogie components and various vehicle manufacturers for professional racing hydraulic components. FRIMA Machining‘s engineering and experience in manufacturing and manufacturing, as well as the ability to perform precision machining in times of short delivery so that we can become contributors to the market.

Our quality system complies with ISO/TS 16949 certification to ensure full compliance with all applicable customer quality requirements.

With its ability to run from prototype to 700,000 pieces per year,we offers a wide range of finished CNC machining parts with high consistency and high quality (corresponding cost savings). In addition, because we can provide high-precision CNC machining parts, with a high level of consistency and high quality, so you can make the finished CNC parts directly into the inventory state (bypass quality control and inspection). Regardless of your requirements or requirements for precision CNC machining aircraft and aerospace components,.

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